Sunday, June 28, 2009

Craft show and Trade show Design

So I have another trade show coming up in August and another two in October. Since my last show I've decided to update my design a little:D (below is are photos from my last show)

I've found some awesome designs while browsing through flickr, here's the link. So this year I've decided to strip my mannequin (Betsy) down to just a cute little tutu skirt with a wide silk ribbon tied around the waist. I'll make 2 tutu's one for fall/winter and holiday and the other for spring/summer and cruise. I love her so much and I'm super excited to add my new designs onto her!

Now a great idea that I started doing, since my first trade show, is taking large photos of my handbags and printing them out as posters. These intermixed with my designs on the model help add some great interest to the plain white walls. I mount all the images to black mat board and use a ribbon/fancy shower curtain holders to hang them.

Another awesome idea that I'm excited about adding to my booth is a new business card! I re-designed my card so instead of it being horizontal it is now vertical!! A great way to promote your shop, plus those who love your items can remember your website. It's a two sided card and on the back I have just a small area with the info, but left some open white space to jot down little notes or my phone number. A great idea for those that can't remember everything about everyone you meet:)

So wish me luck at my next show, and think about adding some of these great ideas to your next craft fair. Be sure to check out the link to pick up new designs.

I'll also make sure to take some photos of my new booth this August to show you all!!

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