Monday, June 8, 2009

Give Aways on Blogs!

Once again I am continually meeting wonderful people through my Etsy shop (and I hope you are too). This time I had the pleasure of designing for a lovely lady who runs She has an adorable shop full of handmade quilts, stuffies, patterns and more! After designing for her shop and blog she asked if I was interested in participating in her monthly blog giveaway. Well needless to say I jumped on the chance. What a great opportunity to get your name and company out there, plus I'm always up for helping out other independent designers:)So today's the day, the give away is up and ready for you to enter!! Just follow this link:

Leave a comment with your email address and your entered! Along with the chance to win a free banner and avatar designed by me, you could also win patterns, fabric, a purse, jewelry, and more! What a great opportunity, so don't hesitate enter today!!

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