Friday, June 12, 2009

Having a Stress Free Business!

I come from a long line of over achievers, workaholics, perfectionist people. So when I decided to start my own company I was destined to be a stressed out workaholic. Luckily I found some great ways to de-stress:) I've decided to share a couple tools that help make running your own business a lot easier!

List your daily duties for the day and stick to it! Every day while eatingbreakfast I create a list of things that need to be done today, such as: writing to editors, finding new suppliers, emailing new shops and boutiques, and talking with customers. I find that creating a "To Do" list helps prioritize my life and keep me focused. Plus you'll always remember what you need to do! Not only do I create a list of daily duties, I also create a list of my current clients. Having a graphics shop with multiple orders coming in each day, I find that remembering what each person ordered and how they wanted the design can be super stressful. So I invested in a handy $1.00 notebook where I list the date the listing was purchased, who purchased it, what they purchased, and a few little notes of what the customer wanted. This helps me cut down on having to go back and forth from etsy sold items to the design, all I need to do is look at my little notebook and BAM! I know exactly who is next! (**I purchased this notebook from paperlion, for my sister..she loves peter pan)

Taking time for yourself is another way to help with a stressful job. Whether you sit outside reading a book or take an aerobics class, finding time for yourself helps you reconnect with yourself. I practice pilates 3 times a week, go on long bike rides (and now I can bring my dog since I bought this handy dog bicycle basket!), and enjoy reading a good book. Taking 15 minutes out of your busy day can help you feel less stressed and even more refreshed when you get back to work.

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